Website Usability Checklist

Those in the web designing field understand the importance of search engine friendly websites. This is why many web developers focus on search engine optimized websites. However, your website should have valuable content to keep your visitors engaged.

Artlogic is a team of experienced web designers who know how to create websites with strong usability and functionality features. A highly usable site is the key to receive high traffic with lots of conversions. The following is a 25 point checklist for website usability:

The website should have fast loading time – slow websites will keep visitors away. You must do the following to make your site load faster:

  • Pay for site optimization
  • Pay for fast servers
  • The images must be compressed and optimized by using tools such as Gimp, Photoshop and others.

Easy to access - your site should be easy to navigate. The instructions must be clear and easy to understand.

Use adequate color and contrast – the background color should not stress the eyes, it should be subtle and soothing. The color contrast of the entire site should be eye-friendly. Avoid bright colors and stick to lighter backgrounds.

Font size – use medium sized fonts because they are easy to read. Also, maintain proper formatting and spacing for attractive text.

Placement of the logo – place the logo at the top of the site for easy identification by search engines.

Link the company logo to the homepage for attracting visitors to your site.

Make sure that all the HTML tags and Alt tags are appropriate.

Add content that is well-written and search engine friendly. Don’t use complex words, simple texts are easy to understand.

Add Google custom search engine to keep visitors on your site even when conducting other searches.

Add a custom 404 page. This is one of the worst errors and can drive traffic away from your site.

Add widgets like sign up and contact forms for extra engagement with visitors and collecting personal information.

 Use clear and legible text.

The headers, Meta descriptions and tags should be clear for easy recognition by search engines.

Use reliable information that is updated and error-free.

Use attractive graphics for extra appeal.

Use a simple and professional layout.

The contact information on the site should be clear and precise.

The site should be clear and well-organized for easy navigation.

Include a mobile version of your site.

Links to other parts of the site must be clear and marked with different colors.

The site should be optimized.

The site should be user-friendly.

The content should have keywords for search engines to identify the site.

The wireframing technique used for web building should be effective.

Ad spaces must be properly managed for effective distribution of content.

Use these tips to increase the usability of your site.