Use These 15 Tips to Improve Your Website Conversion Funnel

web conversion funnel

Getting your users deep into your conversion funnel is an essential part of optimization since that's where the true value lies in your business and your customers.

The following are fifteen doable tips that will optimize your conversion funnel.

A change at any stage affects the funnel

The context should be set on your landing page(s) when the site visitor decides to register. Any change sets the user up for a different interaction later in the conversion funnel.

Look at the entire funnel when making changes

Optimizing one stage of the conversion funnel without considering the overall funnel is risky. Avoid testing your funnel stages in segregation, because by improving one stage, you may weaken another stage and this will affect your conversions.

Optimize every single stage of your conversion funnel

Instead of boosting the entry phase of your conversion funnel, optimize every phase.

Check the entire funnel

Scrutinize the funnel to make sure that optimization doesn’t have a bad effect on the later funnel steps.

Conversion optimization is a process that takes time

It’s a process that should go step by step. Keep checking and improving every stage of your funnel and you will see results over time.

Success is cumulative

Those small improvements you make at every stage in your conversion funnel really add up to give you good results.

Know what to test

If you don’t know where you should start testing to optimize your conversion funnel, start from the start to the end. An improvement of 10 percent on the first stage influences all the other stages.

Identify the low performing stages

Identify the area in the funnel where the biggest drop occurs and work on it.

Look for insights to test

Assess new ideas and inspect for insights, any data that surprises you should be tested for validation.

Collect data

Collect the data that you need and study it to notice any changes that occur. Without data, you’re blind.

Automate your data

Capture the data that you need and push it into the analytics tool of your choice. Try KISSmetrics and Mixpanel for your conversion, these two have similarities but get the one that works best for you.

Look at the data

Once you get the data, look at it to understand user behavior in your conversion funnel.

High visibility

Put your funnel somewhere that is easy to reach. Save the URL and bookmark it. It should be open in one of your browser tabs where you can easily check for any changes.

Measure deep

Measure the deep conversion goal when conducting tests. Even if the test is focused on the earlier stages, measure the later stages too.


Optimizing your website conversion is not easy. Just set up your data, conduct tests and measure all changes down the funnel.