Use Google AdWords like a Boss with These Amazing 7 Features

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Google AdWords services keep changing with new features added to it to make it more practical for users. These changes number in hundreds and perhaps this is why Google doesn't announce every single feature. However, some need a mention because they are simply amazing and will give you what you need for your optimization campaign.

To make it easy for you to know the best features, we have compiled the following list:

Google AdWords Editor

Probably the best feature of them all, Google AdWords Editor allows users to edit any campaign much rapidly compared to other editing techs in the market.

The bulk editing option allows editing of many ads with ease. Users can make changes, download and upload in thousands of accounts all at once and this saves time and money.

Managing multiple accounts is another feature that allows users to manage, change, and handle multiple accounts all at once. This feature is ideal for small AdWord users to large companies running big online marketing campaigns.

Improved Google Ad Designer for HTML5

With the improved Google Ad Designer tool, users can create awesome and catchy ads for their marketing campaign.

Attractive ads will give you better click-through rates and lower pay-per-click. Any decrease or increase in click-through rates makes a huge difference in making your ad campaign more cost-effective.

You have to be creative to launch a successful display ad campaign. However, you don’t have to be an expert designer or a talented ad campaign manager to use the HTML5 Designer Tool effectively, it is a straightforward application that doesn’t require super abilities.

Demographic Targeting Ads

Demographic ads are important because they give you more data on a targeted market. Google has introduced changes to demographic targeting ads over the years with keyword search making AdWords use better and productive.

Currently, Google is making use of a new demographical showcase that gives users the ability to analyze the data accurately and in a less time-consuming way.

App Promotion Ads

Most people are spending more time on apps than on websites. If you conduct a Google search these days, you will see some apps in the results and suggestions. These apps don’t appear only for promotion purposes, they can be installed right away if the search was conducted using a compatible device. For example, if you’re using an Android device, you will be lead to the PlayStore. App promotion also appears on YouTube and other forums.

Such ads are known as App Re-engagement Ads, instead of getting all the traffic to your site, you can divert some of the traffic to the download source.

Quality Tracking

The call tracking feature allows users to calculate every call made through your ads and keep track of other details such as time of call and time spent talking through the number.

Call Tracking Conversion

With this feature, you can track all the calls to your number coming from the AdWords. You can even check the performance of your ad campaign by analyzing the data. This allows you to design better and effective ad campaigns.

How do you set up this feature in your ad campaign?

On your AdWords campaign management, use the conversion tool. While setting it up, mention in your AdWords the business number on your site. You need JavaScript to add the number.

With the added number, you can check whether your ad campaign is providing the expected ROI as you have the ability to see all the convertible calls.

With Phone Through Rates (PTR) and Cost Per Phone (CPP) metrics, you can keep a complete record of all your telephonic activities that revolve around your ad campaign.

Callout Extensions

This is not a new feature but it’s more useful now especially after Google broken it down into two parts. The following example will make it easy to understand this new breakdown:

For example, if a person searches for keywords “health insurance”, the ads that show up must have a main link, a callout extension and a Sitelink Extension (sub-links to the same website).

When the same person searches for the same keyword in Google, some ads will pop-up with results, some will have one single line of description, the others a double line description, and a callout extension that is an extra line of description as well as the site link.

Callout vs. Sitelink Extension

Callout Extension

  • Highlights business features or product and service features
  • Enhances support of ads to get more click-through rates
  • Adds outstanding benefits to make you stand out

Sitelink Extension

  • Guides users to a specific page from the search results
  • Take visitors straight to the contact information or buying information page
  • Give browsers a review of all pages

The best way to use is to add one or two words and link to the sitelink. For example, if you have an online shopping website, you can sitelink your web ad with words such as “buy now”, and “men’s shoes”.

Ad Customizers

This AdWord technology allows users to adapt text in text ads based on search queries. You will also see the device being used, the location of the user, the date, time and day of the week.

We need an example to make this understandable:

If you’re conducting a marketing campaign about a discount, and you include a tagline followed by the deadline of the sale and the discount such as, “Hurry, the sale ends in XX days”, this is an ideal way to get peoples’ attention as people react when they see themselves missing out on something. You can input any number of days.

So, how do you use this feature?

Continuing with our previous example, you need to add a customizable date to your marketing tagline. It would be like, “Hurry up, the sale ends in {= day. The curly bracket and the equals sign are in the place where the real days are supposed to be. This is a syntax command that makes it easy for you to key in a customizable number that change as days goes by.

With this strategy, you will note that more people will respond to your ad as the closing date approaches.

Use these remarkable and easy features in your ad campaigns to make exciting and rewarding.