Some Web Design Tips to Boost the Conversion Rates of Your E-commerce Website

Tips for E-commerce sites

Recent statistics show that 95% of businesses spend the largest share of their marketing budget on increasing the number of visitors to their e-commerce website, while fewer funds are directed to conversion optimization.

This basically means that a lot is being done to increase the number of visitors to the site, but not enough to turn the visitors into customers.

Reasons Why Conversion Rates Matter

Many businesses don’t realize that improving page rank counts for nothing if the sales page is poorly optimized and drives customers away.

You can use PPC and SEO to generate more traffic but in order to improve revenue generation, there are some web design tips that you can use and they are as follows:

A Simple and Focused Design

Your landing page should be clean and simple, this makes it easy to for your visitor to know what you’re all about i.e. the products or services that you’re selling.

The text should be plain and simple.

Your images should be clear and of high-quality.

Add Product Videos

Videos make it easy for you to explain to your customers the benefits of using your product or service. Your videos should be high-quality and optimized not to mess the loading time of your site or affect the browsing experience.

Put Up Promotions on the Homepage

Online customers are constantly looking for discounts and adding them to your homepage will get you more buyers.

Use different fonts and colors to draw attention to your promotions.

Make an Intuitive and Easy Navigation

Organize your paths to direct your site’s users without much effort. Every product should be in its right group and you should also have a drop-down menu to access different sections of the site from any point on the website. Don’t forget to add a search tool for your visitors to find what they want faster.

Add a Product Recommendations Section

Keep track of your customers’ recent purchases to make attractive and rational recommendations that will lead to more purchases.

Sometimes potential buyers have a general idea of what they are looking for and chances are they might find the product in your recommended section.

Clarify Shipping and Pricing Details

If you offer free shipping, mention it on your product page. Customers like to know all the details of their purchase from the start. Give your buyers the freedom to make decisions, they will appreciate and encourage others to become your customers.

Add an Attractive Cart

Having a noticeable call to action is noticeable and inviting. The cart button should be large and bright, it should have text such as “add to cart”, or “buy now”. Avoid placing the text on either side of the button, the text should be on the button.

Design and Attractive Checkout Page

All efforts will count for nothing if your checkout page confuses and frustrates the customer. If you have an option to sign-up or sign-in, allow your customers to do so using their social media profiles. The shipping details form should be brief and offer the buyer multiple payment options.

These steps make for a convenient shopping experience.