Realistic Expectations from an Online Marketing Firm?

what to expect from an Online Marketing Firm

Hiring the services of an online marketing company can be good business for your brand. But just like any other investment, you want to know whether you’ll get back something of value. If you want to hire an online marketing firm, you would expect them to make your SEO better, grow traffic to your site and convert visitors into buyers.

When settling on an online marketing company, you should ask yourself the following questions to pick the right online marketers.

How will they convert visitors into buyers?

Your online marketing company’s efforts should give you more clients and more sales. An increase in traffic should give you more sales and if this doesn’t happen, then the high traffic will not matter.

Your marketers should tell you how they will convert visitors into buyers, they should give you data on prospects as this will guide you in your marketing efforts.

Do they offer ROI reports?

The online marketing company should give you real results to know if investing in them was worth it. You should get a report on how many leads were generated and the number of customers gained as a result.

Do they track calls and emails?

Every lead is critical to your business. Your online marketing firm should track where the leads are coming from to avoid missing out on data and sales.

How will they market to those who haven’t made a decision yet?

97% of your site’s visitors aren’t ready to buy. This doesn’t mean that they aren’t interested, they are just gathering information for comparison. Ask your online marketing firm how they are going to tap into this group.

Do they use detailed analytics to make marketing decisions?

Your marketing company should not only set up a Google Analytics account for you but explain what the numbers mean and adjust the campaigns to improve the results.

Also, Google Analytics should not be the only tool they are using, you should use other tools to collect and interpret crucial metrics.

Analytics tools should not just give you a fancy report, the main purpose is to gain information that can recommend a call to action leading to an improved bottom line for your business.

These questions will help you choose the right online company for your business.