Conversion Rate Optimization 101


Conversion rate optimization or CRO is simply the number of people taking the desired action. In the world of e-commerce, the action is raising the number of site visitors who convert into customers. Any goal that you have on your website has a conversion rate you can optimize.

For example:

If your site has great content, you’re selling a product, or whether you want people to contact you about a project or you want visitors to like your Facebook page, all these are goals.

How to Do CRO

CRO is based on Direct Response Marketing and follows the path: Track, Test, and Improve.

Calculating conversion rate is easy, simply divide the number of purchases by the number of visitors.

The hard part about CRO is finding ways to increase conversions.

There are many factors that impact conversion rate from inventory, shipping costs, UX, and design but the biggest one is trust.

When someone wants to buy something online, the first step is to do some preliminary research to make sure they are making the right choice. This research includes reading product descriptions, reviews and going through product descriptions and any other information that helps them make the right choice.

The fact is, your ideas won’t necessarily lead to more conversions. Even a new site design won’t guarantee better conversion rates, you might change it but users may love your old design.

When doing proper CRO, we go through every channel and carry out profiling to come up with a hypothesis on how to simplify the conversion funnel. Then we connect it with our clients’ SEM, SEO, and Social Media Campaigns.

After understanding the data, we move on to create a hypothesis.

Any idea is tested and if it works, we implement it on your website.

Every hypotheses and test is helpful to your business especially if you’re an ecommerce retailer.

Mobile ecommerce conversions

Half of the ecommerce traffic comes from mobile and over 65% of people shop using a smartphone. This is an area that e-commerce businesses should be aware of. Marketing for mobile is a good way of increasing your conversion rates.

CRO works better with SEO

A proper strategy connects CRO with SEO. This will help you get more traffic and convert a higher percentage of users.

Ecommerce businesses are always trying to look for new resources to improve their conversions. We are CRO specialists and we can help you improve your conversions.

Contact us to know what we can do for your business.