5 Tips to Attract Superb Backlinks

5 Tips to Attract Superb Backlinks

For your site to get the attention you want, you should follow some of the best SEO practices. However, if onsite SEO is the only area that you’re focusing on, then you’re missing out.

Quality backlinks are priceless but the biggest challenge is how to create content that these authority sites will want to link to.

The following are 5 tips to get quality backlinks to increase traffic to your site and improve your search engine rankings.

Create Quality List Posts

A study conducted by Fractl and Buzzstream found that list posts are the most shared type of content on social media. Examples of list posts are 15 secrets only billionaires know and 5 foods you should eat for a leaner body shape.

Write Informative Guides

Writing a guide might be tedious but the results are worth it.

Your guide should be ultimate and definitive and can initiate discussions on social media. If your guide is shared, comment and say thank you as they are creating quality backlinks for you.

Use Infographics

The popularity of infographics has gone down but they still offer incredible value. Make sure that the value of your infographic value is high and based on a topic that people like.

Influence the Influencer

What if you could get a famous person or a businessman in your industry to comment or “like” your post? Would that make people want to know who you are and click on your link?

The problem is, how do you get the attention of an influencer like Sir Richard Branson or Barrack Obama?

If the influencer that you’re targeting provides a certain product or advice through a blog, follow it and post a comment on their site. You can even send an email about how their advice or product changed your life/health/business – whatever. The rule here is to be real and honest. There is a big chance the influencer will want more information from you.

This is the right time to offer to write a case study or blog about them. Write the blog and add a link to your first email. If you do this right, you will get a backlink.

Engage Your Community

Whether you define a community as a group of professionals or a geographic region, whatever your method is, you need to show that you are in tune with them by creating valuable content.

You can do this by solving complex solutions or finding amazing information that is not common. This takes time and resources but it can pay you back with lots of backlinks.

The internet is highly competitive and websites are always after quality backlinks. These tactics should get you quality backlinks.